Beauty Tips 101 - 3 Most Asked Hair and Makeup Questions!

Have you ever wondered how the Domenica Beauty Team creates some of the amazing looks on our Instagram and website? DB Team Domenica, Natalie, and Lanie are letting you in on some top secret tricks to look and feel your best! 

Question 1: How do I get that perfectly blended eyeshadow?

Domenica says the answer is dry brushing. You want to make sure to first start off with a good eye primer so the eyeshadow glides over your eyelid easily. Starting in the inner corner of your eyes, apply the shadow color to your eyelid in small circular movements until you get to the middle of your eyelid. Then comes the trick! Take a clean, dry brush and continue to blend that color still using small circular movements to the upper eye area to great that nice gradient! You will love it!

Question 2: How do you keep curls and volume in your hair all night long?

Natalie comes to our rescue! She says the key to keeping a curl in all night long is to pin them! We all want that Beyonce hair, but we know that our brides and their friends and family have a hard time keeping that look throughout the night. 

You start by curling your hair like normal. Take your curling iron, section out your hair and curl away. The trick is after each curl, roll it back up as if it was still on the curling iron and pin the curl on the base of your head. Once the hair has cooled down in this shape, the hair’s cuticle will close and it will allow your hair to keep the curl longer. This technique can also be used for the custom extensions that the DB Team can do for you! 

Question 3: To bake or not to bake?

Lanie says that baking can definitely be useful if you have oily or emollient skin. Baking is when you apply a thick layer of setting powder on top of a cream product (foundation, concealer, etc) and let is sit or “bake” for several minutes. Baking helps to ensure the product does not move around after. With oily or emollient skin it helps to create a more youthful and longer lasting smoother finish. 

However, Lanie says if you have more dry or mature skin you don’t want to bake because it will accentuate your creases and dry spots. Instead, she recommends keeping the skin more moist with moisturiser or eye cream for the under eye area. Using a hydrating concealer with mineral powder will make you look matte and smooth out all your lines!  

Until next time: XOXO