Engaged 2019 in the Bahamas!

This July, Domenica Beauty got to attend our 3rd Engaged summit in the Bahamas! It wasn’t all beaches and Piña Coladas though! We met a ton of new professionals in the wedding industry, we reconnected with past colleagues, and we learned so much!

Throughout the week we heard from some of the wedding industry’s legends: Marcy Blum, Bryan Rafanelli, Preston Bailey, and Cindy Novanty! It was so surreal to be in the same room as so many people who have transformed the wedding industry into what it is today! 

With the early morning lectures, the long days of learning, and the late nights creating and building together, the experience was very reminiscent of the old college days. I even took 70 pages of notes one day… yes, 70 pages. It was all worth it to be able to help build the Domenica Beauty brand and to be able to help our couples even better! 

Ok, maybe there was a little beach and Piña Colada action… we were in the Bahamas after all! The water was the clearest, bluest, prettiest, tiffany blue color you can imagine! After the first day’s classes, we had a welcome party with baby flamingos! SERIOUSLY, baby flamingos! During the rest of the week, we some social events, more parties, and even a James Bond themed gala (shout out to the amazingly talented Emily Clarke Events who designed and directed the gala)! Each event was stunningly gorgeous and perfectly executed. 

If you are in the wedding industry, whether you are just starting out or you have a couple of hundred events under your belt, and you have not attended an Engaged Sumit yet, I highly recommend looking into signing up for the next one… even if it is just for the beaches and Piña Coladas! We are so excited to start using what we learned to better help our couples, and we hope to see you at the next Engaged Luxury Wedding Business Summit. 

Until next time, XOXO


Photography Credit

Paul Morse | Banga Studios | Phillip Von Nostrand | Erick Kelley