Preview or No Preview?

Imagine: your wedding is six months away. You have your venue, your photographer, your floral, your cake, and your DJ. You are deep in the planning process. The only thing left is hair and makeup! No need to worry; we got you covered!

When a majority of our brides reach out to book us, they are usually about a year to 6 months away from their big day. We know very well that those months before your wedding are stressful and busy. One thing we want to ensure you make time for is your hair and makeup preview. When we hear, “I don’t need a preview. I trust you.” We have one question to ask: Would you book a venue without looking at it first? Trust me; we know we are good. You wouldn’t hire your photographer without doing an engagement session first. Would you? You wouldn’t hire a baker without tasting their desserts first. So why wouldn’t you have a hair and makeup preview!?

Alexes Lauren Photography

When you are shopping for a hair and makeup professional, they should always require a preview. When going into a preview, we recommend having a couple of different looks in mind, so if one of your looks is not like you imagined once it is on you, you have other options to draw on. Your artist will help guide you to what look will work better for you! We want to make sure you look and feel amazing! 

Alexes Lauren Photography

Long story short, do not take the risk of not loving your hair and makeup for your big day! It is not every day that you get married, so you want to make sure you and your artist are on the same page! P.S. If you are a destination bride who cannot make an extra trip out, do not worry! We can schedule your preview for the week of your wedding when you are in town! Trust us babe, you will not be sorry!

Until next time: XOXO