Not All Hair is Created Equal

Now that you have picked out the perfect dress, you have your venue, and you know what hairstyle you are going to have, it is time to think about the important people who will be supporting you on your big day! What hairstyles are your bridesmaids going to have!?

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The first thing to remember is that we are all unique! Tall, short, brunette, blond, hazel-eyed, blue-eyed, thin hair, or thick hair those differences make us individually beautiful and we at Domenica Beauty want to enhance and accent those individualities!

Beauty Tip: Let Your Bridesmaids Pick their Hairstyle

By letting your girls pick their hairstyle that is going to work the best for them, you will help make them feel stunning! Because we are all unique, one hairstyle might not work for all of your bridesmaids. For example, a thinner haired girl might have difficulty getting the same volume and thickness in her hairstyle than someone who has thicker hair.

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You want your girls to look and feel just as beautiful as you will. We want to help make that happen! If you pick the best hairstyle for each girl, they will each look and feel amazing in your pictures! We are also happy to help your girls figure out what will be their best hairstyle for your big day if they want some new ideas!

Until next time: XOXO


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