Wrinkle Wrinkle Go Away, Don’t Come Back on My Wedding Day!

Alright ladies, listen up: we think everyone is beautiful and that you do not need to change a thing about yourself. Each person is beautiful in their own way! In the last 10 years, the average age of brides getting married has gone up to 25-36 years old.

With the average bride waiting to get married a couple of years later in life, it is not uncommon for some bride to comment on their wrinkles. We are right there with you! I feel like my brides stay the same age and I keep getting older. My answer to the passing years is not makeup, but botox!

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Botox is a very safe and easy procedure that only lasts about 3 months. There is no permanent alteration so it is not a permanent decision. Botox will give you smooth, taut skin and will get rid of those stubborn wrinkles on your forehead and the crow's feet on the side of your eyes. As a makeup artist, we can contour and conceal problem areas on your face to create an even skin tone, but we cannot tuck and pull your skin. 

With smoother skin, your makeup applies more evenly, will stay longer, and will help you to look smoother, younger and fresher! I personally have been on the botox train for over three years now and it is the best thing since sliced bread! As an added bonus, botox gets rid of most headache sand migraines! It is a win-win! 

If you are considering getting botox for your wedding, make sure to try it out 6-9 months before so that you can make sure it is perfect for your wedding day! So if you want to look younger and have no more headaches, then botox is going to be your new best friend! You are beautiful the way you are, but you can also have fewer wrinkles! 

Until next time, XOXO